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SKY DRIVE II This is a reserve Do you want full control if something goes wrong? This is what you have been looking for! The SKY DRIVE II, developed by Alexandre Paux, gives you


SKY LITE The popular reserve SKY LITE is an EN certified round shaped canopy weighing only about 1kg (depending on the size). Previous Next Product Description When we started to examine the square reserve


SKY SYSTEM III The improved third generation of the popular reserve Reliability, fast opening, simplicity, light-weight, safe lines arrangement, easy placement in almost any harness, a small volume in an innovative container design. Yes,

Sky Spare Light

SKY SPARE LIGHT The weight is lower for the M size SKY SPARE LIGHT is a new reserve system that follows from the reliable and popular SKY SPARE. Previous Next Product Description SKY SPARE Light is


ZORRO Previous Next This is a Reflex Wing Design DGAC certified and aimed at the intermediate to expert PPG pilot. Zorro unique Skyflex Active Foil System (SAFS) reflex profile, was designed to achieve a


FLUX Previous Next This is a Glider Design Our developers have developed a new wing for PPG with plenty of power – a wing all-round with excellent performance and ease of use. Pilot target

Z Blade

Z BLADE Previous Next Aimed to the racing, PPG pilot target. Design Z- BLADE is a dynamic PPG wing that moves your horizons and pushes your limits. Z-BLADE is the performance, enjoyment and technological

Cima Power

CIMA POWER Previous Next This is your introduction best Glider Design Designed to be the ideal choice for your first Paramotoring flights. CIMA PWR is a wing where you go through the beginnings and


EOLE Previous Next This is a Glider Design An economic solution to saving the wear and tear of your regular sized gliders whilst ground handling or training Pilot target For those, who would like


QUATRO The weight is lower for the Lower size Previous Next Product Description When we started to examine the square reserve concept, we wanted to understand every single detail to produce an exclusive product.

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