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Previous Next APOLLO 2 LIGHT This is a Light Glider Design Apollo 2 light is redesigned Apollo 2 with lightweight support and a modified internal structure. Our aim was to increase the performance while


Previous Next GAIA 2 This is a New Glider Design When designing GAIA 2 we wanted to bring you the high quality training glider as a super economical solution. We used all the knowledge,


SKY LIGHTER 4 Features of this harness This is the New Light Harness full of innovations Design More safety, comfort and stability That was our goal when designing SKYLIGHTER 4. How did we achieve


SKYLIGHT 2 This is a however in its second generation delivers a multitude of improvements. Design Skylight 2 brings a whole range of innovations; we focused on the new backpack solution, which allowed the


GII 4 ALPHA Check out some more images This is a very Harness Design The GII 4 Alpha is the very last generation of the popular GII paragliding range with EN / LTF certification.

GII 3 / GII 3 Alpha

GII 3 / GII 3 Alfa / GII 3 Front This is a very Harness Design The GII 3 is the third generation of the popular GII paragliding range with EN / LTF certification.


This is a Light Harness Design The CRUX harness could be created in this form thanks to the use of light and solid materials and passed rigorous tests in the Tatras. It is a


TWIN This is a Harness Design TWIN is available in two sizes, suitable for pilots from 165 to 196 centimetres. Strap system with multiple protection in case of a puncture, set of adjusters for


SKY DRIVE II This is a reserve Do you want full control if something goes wrong? This is what you have been looking for! The SKY DRIVE II, developed by Alexandre Paux, gives you


SKY LITE The popular reserve SKY LITE is an EN certified round shaped canopy weighing only about 1kg (depending on the size). Previous Next Product Description When we started to examine the square reserve

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