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The new profile and many other finely tuned components are characterized by the tandem glider METIS 3 (EN B), which meets all important requirements of professional tandem pilots.

Perfil do piloto

Designed to be flown by qualified pilots looking for higher performance balanced with the security of the EN B rating in a tandem wing that is lighter than most on the market. Professionals will appreciate the low weight and excellent flight characteristics of the new tandem.

Características da asa

The new airfoil as well as other well balanced features allow us to introduce an EN B certified tandem glider that meets all major requirements for professional use.

No matter how much the glider will be appreciated by paragliding professionals because it is light and well trimmed for excellent flight behaviour, it will be mostly the passengers who need easy take off, stable and smooth flight even in rough airs and great flair for safe and easy landing.

And this is the point where METIS 3 will excel: the classical V structure and optimised construction of the canopy and hard work of the test pilots streamed into a real paragliding experience for both the pilots and their passengers.

The main distinctive features are:

  • excellent glide ratio and maximum speed
  • wide speed range
  • efficient climb rate
  • easy take off
  • smooth landing with responsive flair
  • well balanced handling in yaw and roll with progressive brake pressure
  • low weight and high durability due to the use of high quality materials
  • replaceable trimmer system
  • available in 3 sizes enabling the pilot to precisely choose the best size for their given application
Cada Asa é entregue com:

Mochila EYRIE  XL

Separadores sem Barras

T-shirt SKY TEAM. Na Sky, uma t-shirt recebe tanta atenção quanto um parapente. As t-shirts são projetadas, cortadas, costuradas e impressas por nós, nas nossas instalações de fabrico na República Checa. Elas são feitas de fibras de algodão e bambu para maior conforto e durabilidade.

Handy kit – um kit de reparação de parapente para reparações rápidas. Contém uma ferramenta versátil e SKYTEX (Rip-Stop) autoadesiva.

Uma Unidade flash USB com manuais e uma variedade de fotos e vídeos da Sky Paragliders.

Tabela de Preços

38 m2 – Intervalo de Peso à descolagem: 100-200 Kg 


40 m2 – Intervalo de Peso à descolagem: 110-210 Kg 


42 m2 – Intervalo de Peso à descolagem: 120-220 Kg 


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